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All About Mulch!

Mulch has many healthy benefits for your yard you may not be aware of. It’s not just for looks! Mulch protects your plants and soil! Think of it as an extra layer of protection for your soil and plants, like…

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All About Sod!

Benefits of Sod Sod can be used to establish a lawn quickly and to help prevent soil erosion. Have a dead spot in your yard? Sod can be used to repair most small areas. Another great thing sod can be…

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Frosted Plants During Hard Freeze

How to Prepare Your Plants for a Freeze

North Florida typically sees a handful of freezes over the fall and winter. Freezes shouldn’t be confused with frosts, which occur when the moisture in the air freezes if overnight temperatures drop to the mid-to-low 30s. The National Weather Service…

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3 Things Your Lawn Needs This Fall

Fall is a great time to focus on your lawn. Just because the cooler weather is arriving, it doesn’t mean it’s time to quit on your yard. Your grass, plants and shrubbery still need attention, and there are plenty of…

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5 Benefits of Better Landscaping

Most of us want a well-landscaped yard for a simple reason: We want our yard to look great. Actually, our landscaping can have a drastic effect in a number of other areas ranging from the air quality to the efficiency…

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